Hello, We are Nadia and Olivia the SoccerTwins.com! We love the sport of soccer and want to teach the rising generations here in Boca Raton. Starting at a young age of 4 years old, we have always had a passion learning and developing our skills. No matter their age, we’re excited to train your future star while having fun and keeping them interested. 60min Summer Sessions are available now. 


Please call for availability.

  • Large Life Size Soccer Net 

  • Two Rebound Nets 

  • Dribbling Cones 

  • Standing Mannequins

  • Juggling Practice Net 

  • Skill / Footwork Ladder 

  • Two Medium Size Goals

  • Run Parachute

Weston DA/GA Coach Jerome Samuels




Team Boca Coach Patrick Baker 2017-2019