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Why I'm dedicated to Team Boca

Updated: May 10, 2020

My twin sister Nadia and I have played on Team Boca most of our lives. The

clubs philosophy to mentor young athletes and to train their skills and minds by building confidence has helped shape me as the player I am today.

Me, my Dad and Nadia

While with my club Team Boca since U8, I’ve had the opportunity to play with

several other teams and have mixed with many great players. But what I’ve learned over my many years with Team Boca, is a different concept that I haven't found from any other training I've had. Team Boca has built a soccer community that cares.

By coaching team bonding while building skills, working together didn’t always

guarantee that we were going to win, but it did mean we were becoming smarter and patient players. I have been taught simple lessons through repetition and team work that became the base for more possession style in my plays today. Dedication to one another is the highest priority for Team Boca. Your team expects you to show up.

Over these years, My coaches at Team Boca have had the most positive influence

on me. They have the same drive and motivation that I have today. Whether

it's incorporated in a competitive soccer drill or a half time speech, every one of them over these years have played a roll in how much I respect the game.

I not only have been taught technical skill, but more importantly, the values of each of my coaches and teammates. We do everything as a family. We train, travel, play, win and loose together becoming more comfortable and confident with who we are. I am fortunate enough to have such an amazing team that pushes me to play my best and work hard to hopefully fulfill my dream of playing D1 college soccer and beyond.

-Olivia DeMarinis, 03 Defender



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