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What Team Boca tought me about success

Updated: Feb 16, 2019

Although Team Boca may seem to be a club like many, I can tell you that this club is set apart by its unique coaches and team members. My twin sister Olivia and I have

been part of this club for over eight years. Yes, I know, that's a long commitment to one club. But over these years, I've had more value in my teaching than chasing the trends of the next big thing.

The very little me.

Team Boca has taught me many different aspects, most importantly has been the meaning of success. Although success is often viewed as being at the top, at Team Boca, success is taught to be much more. Over the years, I have been taught that the fundamentals of success originate from both self dedication and teamwork. My countless practices and condition sessions have taught me that success is earned and derives from work ethic. Put in the effort and you will earn the respect and attentions from the ones who care.

With Team Boca I began to learn at a young age to not only implement these fundamentals into my game, but also into my education and other challenges in my life. Success is not just being at the top, it’s the determination you put in and how you motivate others to always learn more and become even better. Team Boca has always emphasized that it's not all about one’s personal success, but rather the success of our team. I’ve learned that together, we can accomplish whatever we set out to do.

From U8 until my debut with a college program someday, I will have had the valuable lessons of team building. From a player standpoint, working with my teammates is a way to

discover each others strengths, gaps, and the significance that everyone contributes to a

team. My coaches at Team Boca have laid these foundations, allowing me to connect and

feel comfortable with my teammates. And in my later years my Coach Patrick Baker exemplifies this best. As a Team Captain, I have learned to be patient and

view others perspectives first over mine. I believe Team Boca has prepared me to work

amongst fellow colleagues. Win or lose, success is a process made together.

Working as a team has built my confidence and a healthy mindset, both a very

crucial part to the sport of soccer and life in general. I give credit to all of the coaches and

teammates at Team Boca over the years who have given me the ability to understand the

game at a much deeper level. I will continue to apply these lessons to my daily life and

pursue my goals in a successful future.

-Nadia DeMarinis, Defender



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