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9 years with Team Boca. So why move clubs now? 🙃

As you may already know, my twin sister Olivia and I have played with Team Boca for over 9 years. So why are we moving clubs now?

Growing up here in South Florida, the soccer landscape is very unusual. (Confirmed by many of the college coaches we talked with over the last two years.) Not sure why exactly, but it has a lot to do with the high number of clubs fighting over players. Then the ECNL and DA complicated our world even more. Many of the girls we know have switched clubs several times and many of the clubs I remember have come and gone. Down here in South Florida, it’s rare to have played with one club for so long. 

My sister and I have stuck with Team Boca for as long as we did because of the strong training and because it’s a reputable club. I think they’ve been here since the 1970’s, as long as my parents! But since the popularity of the girl’s ECNL and DA, we’ve always wondered if it was “mandatory” to play in these leagues to get the opportunity to play high level D1. 

As it goes, we were fortunate enough to verbally commit as Sophomores to a D1 College that recognizes us for our potential regardless of club or league. Our club Team Boca (USYS) has recently formed an alliance with Weston FC DA, the only girl’s DA club left in South Florida, so we asked to tryout and transfer there for the next two years. We’re excited to play full time DA with Weston FC to compete against one of the highest levels of competition in girl’s soccer. And up for the challenges that will prepare us for Freshman year soccer at Wake Forest University and even hopefully a shot at the USWNT and NWSL. ⚽️ 👍

-Nadia and Olivia DeMarinis (still #4 and #15) 🙂



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