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Ohhh Excitment! - USYSA, ODP + ECNL

I'm so excited to announce my twin sister Nadia and my opportunity to be part of FC Prime ECNL! As you become older you realize that multi tasking the things you are most passionate about take not only dedication but ALL OF YOUR TIME. Dedicating our effort between community service, education (proud to be on the National Honor Society), soccer, and our love for other sports, we realize that there's limited days in a week and the little time you have better be well spent.

So in regards to soccer, it's beneficial to play and train at the highest levels available. FC Prime ECNL will give us the exposer to a great pool of talented and competitive teams preparing us even more for the near future.

We feel blessed to be part of the ECNL while continuing to be mentored and trained at D1 level coaching with our Team Boca Coach Patrick Baker. In addition, we will continue to gain experience mixing with new faces and new coaches repping our ODP State and Region Team.

We hope this gives you every chance to catch up with us and watch us play. We will send out our schedules soon. Please keep in contact with Coach Baker to set up a call to talk to each other. ( 561-702-0837)

-Olivia (& Nadia) DeMarinis

03 Defenders, Class of 2021 



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